WWE Raw: 24/7 Championship Changes Hands Multiple Times

R-Truth was spotted backstage this week on Raw, looking at some tactics with Little Jimmy ahead of the WWE Draft later this week.

The 24/7 Champion believed that the janitor that was seen in the background was Randy Orton because of his attack on the WWE legends last week.

A referee then came into the shot and it was made clear that it was Drew Gulak in disguise, but Truth was able to react in time to duck his attack with a mop. Truth then slipped on the wet floor and Gulak was able to pin him to lift the 24/7 Championship for the third time.

Later in the night, when Gulak looked to hide from Truth, he uncovered Akira Tozawa and this led to the three men all fighting it out inside a bin.

Somehow the referee was able to count the pin for Truth from the outside and allow Truth to win the Championship for the 42nd time.