WWE Raw: AJ Styles Returns, Qualifies For Money In The Bank Contract Ladder Match

After Apollo Crews was forced to withdraw from the Money in the Bank ladder match last week, WWE announced that there would be a “Last Chance gauntlet match” this week on Raw.

Bobby Lashley started the match and was able to easily go through Titus O’Neil, Akira Tozawa, and Shelton Benjamin before he put his hands on the official and was disqualified while facing Humberto Carrillo. It was Carrillo who came out on top against his cousin Angel Garza and Austin Theory before the shock return of the night took place when AJ Styles made his return as the final addition to the match.

Styles hasn’t been seen since he was buried by The Undertaker in their Boneyard match back at WrestleMania and over the past month things have changed in WWE and for Styles since Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are no longer employed by the company.

Styles was able to get off to a great start on his return since he locked in the Calf Crusher and forced Humberto Carrillo to tap, which means that he has now qualified for the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder match alongside Daniel Bryan, Otis, Aleister Black, Baron Corbin, and Rey Mysterio.

Styles continued the attack on Carrillo following his victory to show that he returned to the show as a heel and then cut a promo where he pointed out that he wasn’t beaten at WrestleMania and that for a chance at the Money in the Bank contract he would be open to throwing any of his opponents off the roof of WWE Headquarters.

This Sunday, the most unique Money in the Bank ladder matches in WWE history will take place as the men and women of Raw and SmackDown will battle from the ground floor to the roof of WWE Headquarters as they climb the corporate ladder to become this year’s Mr and Miss Money in the Bank.