WWE Raw: AJ Styles Returns to Monday Night Raw With a Bodyguard

AJ Styles became one of the hottest acquisitions for Monday Night Raw as part of the 2020 WWE Draft. Last week, The Phenomenal One was able to wave off Jeff Hardy and Seth Rollins when he defeated the two men in a triple threat match.

This week, Styles made his official return to The Red Brand, and the rumors of the former WWE Champion having his own bodyguard were confirmed.

The fact that RAW Underground has seemingly been put on hold while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause issues for the company, meant that the usual bouncer was out of work.

Now known by the name of Jordan Omogbehin, the former star of RAW Underground is now being used as Styles’ bodyguard.

Omogbehin made his presence known from the start when he refused to leave the ring and had to be begged by the referee to head to ringside. His towering frame was made so much more intimidating by the fact that Styles himself isn’t exactly a small man.

Styles’ new bodyguard remained at ringside and intimidated Matt Riddle throughout his match. It was Styles’ new associate who helped him to pick up a huge victory on Raw when he distracted Riddle and allowed the former UFC star to rush back into the ring and straight into a Styles Clash.