WWE Raw: Aleister Black Potentially Injured Following Match With Seth Rollins

Just hours after sending Rey Mysterio to a local medical facility when he removed his eyeball from its socket as part of The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins stuck again on Raw.

The Monday Night Messiah took on Aleister Black in the opening bout of the night but the match took a sinister twist after Rollins picked up the victory.

Black was essentially battling in a two-on-one situation throughout the match as Murphy made his presence known at ringside, but the numbers game really played into effect following the match when Rollins targeted Black’s arm.

The arm had been worked throughout the match but it was clear that Rollins was using Black to send a message when he continued to bounce his arm off objects around the ring before stomping on the arm on top of part of the announce desk.

It was a shocking display from Rollins who opened the show by talking about how horrified he was about the ending to the “Eye for an Eye” match last night.

It’s thought that there will be a medical update on Aleister Black in the next few hours, but this could be WWE’s way of writing the former NXT Champion off-screen for a few weeks, much like Rey Mysterio as he continues to recover from his match at Extreme Rules on Sunday night.

Interestingly, it’s perhaps worth noting that Dominick failed to appear as part of this segment on Raw, even though there are a number of rumors that suggest that the son of Mysterio could be stepping up to the challenge of the former World Champion at SummerSlam next month.

The build-up to SummerSlam has now officially begun and Dominick is shockingly nowhere to be seen. Could this be a hint regarding his WWE future?