WWE Raw: Aleister Black Returns and Turns Heel on Kevin Owens

Aleister Black hasn’t been seen on WWE TV for a number of weeks after he was attacked by Murphy and suffered the same fate as Rey Mysterio when his eye was pushed into the corner of the steel steps.

There were rumors that Black would be making his return with a new gimmick or even under a mask, but when he appeared on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, this wasn’t the case. Instead, Black appeared on The Kevin Owens Show and wore a patch over his injured eye.

Black didn’t seem as though he was too happy to be part of the show but sat through a replay of what happened to him at the hands of Seth Rollins’ disciple before it appeared that he had fallen out of his seat.

When Owens got up to try and help his guest, he was attacked by the former NXT Champion. Black moved so quickly that Owens didn’t even see the back elbow coming before he then spun around and delivered the Black Mass that looked as though it knocked him out.

Black’s music then hit and he left the ring as quickly as he had entered it, leaving Owens in the center of the ring with more questions than answers.