WWE Raw: Alexa Bliss Joins Firefly Fun House

A few months ago, Alexa Bliss was attacked by The Fiend following her match on SmackDown. The former Women’s Champion hasn’t been the same person since she allowed the sinister figure to take over her thoughts.

Every star who has come into contact with The Fiend and his Mandible Claw has changed, and Bliss has seemingly shown the biggest personality change of all.

In recent weeks, Little Miss Bliss has become the star’s newest sidekick and this week on Raw she made her debut inside the Firefly Fun House.

Alexa Bliss is the first person to make it into the Fun House and was shown wearing Freddy Kruger style attire, which could be a hint for the theme that the two stars are looking for.

Bliss made it clear that the two stars were just getting started, which could be a reference to the fact that The Fiend took out RETRIBUTION earlier in the show.

The story between Bliss and The Fiend continues to be one of the most entertaining in WWE and the fact that the former Champion has now made it into The Fun House shows that there is a way in for other WWE stars.