WWE Raw: Alexa Bliss Returns and Attacks Randy Orton With a Fireball

The absence of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw meant that Triple H was forced to step in and wrestle Randy Orton in the main event, something that set up an interesting turn of events.

The Game was prepared to fight his former friend and even took his sledgehammer into the ring to battle The Viper before The Fiend made his presence known.

The lights went down and Triple H’s hammer turned into a burning hammer before The King of Kings disappeared completely into the darkness.

This was when Alexa Bliss finally revealed herself and made it clear that she was there to deliver pain. The former Women’s Champion then shot a fireball at Orton and it looked as though it could have affected his sight since he was left rolling around in the ring to ends this week’s episode of the show.

It’s clear that The Fiend has taken the fire that he was engulfed in by Orton and used it to his advantage since Bliss now has fire-related powers.

It is also the biggest hint that the WWE Universe has been handed, which shows that The Fiend could be back soon.