WWE RAW: Andrade Retains United States Championship, Humberto Carrillo Returns

Image via Twitter

Rey Mysterio looked to reclaim the United States Championship in a ladder match this week on RAW when he collided with the man he lost the title to on Boxing Day, Andrade. The match itself was a brutal affair which has seemingly ended the feud between Mysterio and Andrade since both men threw everything at one another all in the name of the United States Title.

In the end, it was a brutal Hammerlock DDT through a ladder off a ladder that saw Mysterio taken out of the match thanks to a distraction from Zelina Vega. Andrade then climbed the ladder and retained the title as Mysterio lay motionless in the ring. Vega played a huge part at the end of the match after she climbed the ladder and prevented Mysterio from coming anywhere near Andrade’s Championship.

After the match, it appeared that Andrade and Vega had a plan to send a message to Mysterio to ensure that he didn’t come back for more and began peeling up the protective mats on the outside of the ring and revealing the concrete floor. Mysterio was in position for another Hammerlock DDT on the outside before a masked figure appeared and looked to even the numbers.

Humberto Carrillo then pulled off the mask and took the fight to Andrade, who had taken him out of action a few weeks ago with a similar attack. Reports now suggest that Carrillo could be set to target the United States Championship heading into the Royal Rumble and possibly heading into WrestleMania.

This also free’s Mysterio now to step into his rumored feud with Brock Lesnar in the coming weeks and could mean that Dominik could make his return to screens in the near future since he still has a score to settle with the WWE Champion.