WWE RAW: Angel Garza Debuts On RAW, Goldberg Advertised For SmackDown

Image via Twitter

Humberto Carrillo and Andrade were embroiled in a feud surrounding the United States Championship until El Idolo breached WWE’s Wellness Policy and had to be written off WWE TV because he was suspended for 30 days.

Carrillo Hammerlock DDT’d Andrade onto the concrete floor last week to write him out of the storyline, which meant that Zelina Vega had to find a way to continue the feud on Monday Night RAW. Shockingly, Angel Garza was the answer as he made his debut this week on RAW to confront his real-life cousin.

Garza has been making waves on NXT over the past few months and is a former NXT Cruiserweight Champion, but given the fact that the two men are family and could easily build up a believable feud, WWE made the choice to promote him to RAW this week.

Garza informed Carrillo that he was the leader of his family at present and told him he was an embarrassment to his family until the beatdown began and Garza looked to deliver the same DDT to Carrillo on the outside. Luckily for Carrillo’s career, Rey Mysterio was there to step in and save the man who has saved him a number of times.

Mysterio stepped up to face Garza in his debut match on RAW, where the former Champion was able to show his aggressive side as he targetted Mysterio’s mask throughout. Shockingly Garza ended the match by sending a message when he DDT’d Mysterio on the exposed concrete.

While Garza made his debut this week on RAW, there is set to be an interesting returnee this Friday night on SmackDown when Goldberg returns to the company for the first time since last year’s SummerSlam. It’s thought that Goldberg will be there to build up a match for the upcoming Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on February 27th.