WWE Raw: Apollo Crews Wins The United States Championship

Apollo Crews was taken out of the Money in the Bank contract ladder match a few weeks ago when the former NXT star was injured during his United States Championship match against Andrade. After a few weeks on the sidelines to recover from his leg injury, Crews was able to return and step into a rematch this week on Raw where he picked up his first Championship in WWE.

Crews had to overcome interference from Zelina Vega as well as an in-form United States Champion to lift the gold, which then saw him deliver a promo where he talked about working hard for more than a decade to say that he has finally made it in WWE.

Crews secured the victory with a perfect standing moonsault while Vega watched on horrified from ringside. The Mexican star didn’t react well to losing his Championship and was seen destroying the backstage area as Crews celebrated the biggest win of his career.

There were rumors that Crews was set to be the subject of a huge push on Monday Night Raw since the current Champion is someone who is favored backstage by Triple H but it was unknown what this push would entail.

Andrade, on the other hand, hasn’t been on the same level since his return to the company following his wellness policy suspension back in February and many fans have been counting the weeks until he was forced to drop his Championship.

Last week on Raw, Vega along with Angel Garza and Andrade kicked Austin Theory out of their stable after back to back losses and later watched as he joined The Monday Night Messiah, but now that El Idolo isn’t the United States Champion, what does this mean for his future in the stable alongside Vega and Garza?