WWE Raw: Becky Lynch Retains, Shayna Baszler Invades and Attacks The Man

Image via WWE

Becky Lynch put her Raw Women’s Championship on the line on this week’s episode of Raw in a rematch from the Royal Rumble as she took on Asuka. She was able to retain the Championship with her new Rock Bottom style finisher, but it was what happened following the match that will make all the headlines.

Shayna Baszler finally made her debut on Monday Night Raw when she attacked Lynch from behind and shockingly removed her mouthguard before she then bit a chunk out of Becky Lynch’s neck.

Baszler left the ring covered in blood after the vampire style attack and Lynch was left waiting for assistance from the referee as she repeatedly questioned what her neck looked like and whether or not Baszler had bitten her. She was later seen in a backstage segment where she refused to go to the hospital and stated that it was just a “flesh wound.”

This is now expected to be the Raw Women’s Championship match heading into WrestleMania since Charlotte Flair is embroiled in a feud with NXT stars Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair while Bayley is busy with the likes of Carmella and Naomi.

Baszler has dominated the Women’s Division on NXT over the past few years and appeared in the Royal Rumble match last weekend where she was able to set a new record along with Belair when it comes to eliminations in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Rumors have circulated over the past few weeks regarding the Women’s Championship picture on Raw given the fact that Lynch has already defeated all of her opposition. This was Baszler’s big debut since she has moved on from NXT after dropping the Championship to Rhea Ripley a few weeks ago. It will be interesting to see what kind of character the Queen of Spades will have on Raw moving forward.