WWE RAW: Big Show Makes Shock Return To Monday Night RAW

Big Show
Image via Twitter

Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe took on AOP and Seth Rollins this week and were given the task of finding a mystery partner to help them in the six-man tag that became the main event. Interestingly, Joe stated that he knew someone and then the star was hidden throughout the show until it was time to be revealed at the climax of this week’s episode.

Shockingly, it was The Big Show who was the man chosen to help Owens and Joe overcome the threat of The Authors of Pain and Rollins even though there were a number of names who could have been chosen ahead of the veteran.

The likes of Keith Lee, Aleister Black, Ricochet and many others were believed to have been the mystery partner at the beginning of the show, but it’s thought that Big Show was chosen because he has a show coming up on Netflix called The Big Show Show.

The Show is expected to make its debut on the streaming site in the coming months with many sites stating that it should be around WrestleMania season. The Big Show was able to make an impact as part of the show since he knocked Rollins out to end the show, even though the match itself ended via disqualification.

This could be the beginning of Big Show’s Road to WrestleMania, or what could be seen as his final WrestleMania match something that has been building for the giant for a number of years as he looked to be heading toward the end of his career.

Following the show, it was announced that Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, and The Big Show will take on AOP and Seth Rollins again next week on RAW, merely weeks away from the Royal Rumble but this time it will be in a fistfight.