WWE Raw: Bobby Lashley Asks Lana For a Divorce

At the turn of the year, Lana and Bobby Lashley were about to walk down the aisle and declare their love, but it appears that the honeymoon period is definitely over for the newlyweds.

Lashley and Lana’s storyline with Rusev was cut short when The Bulgarian Brute was released from WWE in April, which has led to The Almighty walking into a storyline with MVP.

Lana hasn’t featured on WWE TV much throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but at Backlash she was the reason that Lashley was unable to lift the WWE Championship in his match against Drew McIntyre.

A few weeks ago she was told by her husband to remain backstage during his matches, something that she breached at Backlash.

There were obviously going to be consequences tonight on Raw, but as Lana attempted to inform Lashley that MVP was the problem, the former Champion stated that it was actually his wife.

He blamed Lana for using their sex lives to get famous, which Lana retorted that she would have slept with someone more famous if that was the case.

While Lana was looking for an argument, Lashley gave up and told his wife that he wanted a divorce, just six months after the couple tied the knot on Raw.