WWE Raw: Bobby Lashley Targets The WWE Championship

MVP has been looking to recruit Bobby Lashley as his client for a number of weeks and one of his biggest talking points has been that Lashley deserves a shot at the WWE Championship, a title that has always alluded the star.

This week on Raw, MVP finally got his man after Lashley once again took on R-Truth and the duo then targeted the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre while he took on King Corbin in the main event. MVP and his client watched the match from the ramp but made it clear in the opening stages of the bout that they were putting McIntyre on notice and The Almighty would be coming for that title.

It was a hard-hitting bout between Corbin and McIntyre, but in the end, it was McIntyre who came out on top and was able to show Lashley exactly what he was up against if he looked to dethrone the man who overcame The Beast. Once again it was a Claymore that saw McIntyre to victory despite the constant distractions from MVP and Bobby Lashley on the ramp.

After the match, the WWE Champion claimed that he had been waiting a long time for Lashley to step up to him while celebrating his victory and MVP applauded from the ramp as Raw went off the air.

MVP stated that it’s been 13 years since Lashley has been given a chance at the World Championship and with MVP by his side, it appears that Lashley has finally found someone who can push him to the level that he wants to be. Lio Rush and Lashley’s wife Lana have looked to boost the former Intercontinental Champion’s career in recent months but it appears that MVP may be the only man who can take him back to the promised land.