WWE Raw: Braun Strowman Qualifies for Men’s Survivor Series Team

Braun Strowman became the fourth member of the Men’s Survivor Series team this week on Raw.

The Monster Among Men believed that he didn’t have to qualify when he made his way to the ring and declared that he was part of the match.

This changed when producer Adam Pearce stated that he couldn’t find anyone willing to step in the ring with the former Universal Champion.

Sheamus and Keith Lee then made it clear that they had a score to settle with Strowman and AJ Styles then pitched the idea of a triple threat match between the three men.

Lee and Sheamus qualified for the match last week on Raw alongside AJ Styles and after a brutal match between the three men, Strowman was also able to qualify.

The Monster Among Men pinned Sheamus following a running powerslam, but then received a Brogue Kick following the match as WWE made it clear that these men are not on the same page.