WWE RAW: Buddy Murphy Joins Seth Rollins’ Stable, Ladder Match Announced For Next Week

Image via WWE

It’s been an interesting few weeks for Buddy Murphy, but after he was unable to defeat Aleister Black once again this week on RAW, the former Cruiserweight Champion remained on the floor at ringside and watched Erick Rowan go through another enhancement talent and drop a hint at what could be inside the mysterious cage.

After weeks of carrying the cage around with him, Rowan opened the door put his hand inside and was bitten by whatever it is, which means that it’s definitely a creature of some kind since it left Rowan’s hand covered in blood, something that he used to defeat his opponent when he once again covered him in the blood that had come from the cage.

After refusing an interview with Charly Caruso, Murphy remained on the outside and stayed there throughout the main event match that saw AOP and Seth Rollins take on Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and Big Show. It was only during the conclusion of the match that Murphy revealed why he was still out there when he low-blowed The Big Show and helped Seth Rollins to put him through a table.

It was this move that helped AOP and Rollins to pick up the win in WWE’s first-ever Fist Fight and it means that Murphy has now joined Seth Rollins’ new stable.

Next week’s episode of RAW will be quite interesting following this turn of events, but also because WWE announced that Rey Mysterio will be getting another shot at the United States Championship, this time in a Ladder match. The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar will be live on RAW alongside his advocate for the third consecutive week and Lana will team up with her husband Bobby Lashley to battle Liv Morgan and Rusev in a mixed tag team match.