WWE Raw: Cedric Alexander Turns Heel, Joins The Hurt Business

Over the past few weeks, Cedric Alexander has been the subject of a number of attempted recruitment monologues from MVP.

While the former Cruiserweight Champion made it clear that he wasn’t interested numerous times, MVP refused to give up as he tried to push the underutilized talent.

These comments may have got into Alexander’s head this week since he was part of a six-man tag match that also included Ricochet and Apollo Crews and cost his team the victory.

Alexander pulled Ricochet off the apron when he was looking to tag in and threw him against the barricade.

This then helped The Hurt Business to pick up the victory and as the three men celebrated, Alexander watched from the ramp.

It was later confirmed that Alexander has in fact joined the Hurt Business when Bobby Lashley posted a welcome message on Twitter with Cedric wearing an “I’m In” t-shirt and posing with the members of the group.