WWE Raw: Controversial Ending to Women’s Championship as Referee Stops the Match

Mickie James hasn’t won a Championship in WWE in more than a decade but the six-time Women’s Champion was looking to lift the Raw Women’s Championship this week.

Asuka has come out on top against Mickie a number of times in the past but James had the heart. However, the six-time Women’s Champion’s shot was cruelly taken away from her when it appears that she suffered an injury.

There was an awkward moment in the match when the two women were huddled on the ground before Asuka rolled through and tried to lock in a submission, this is when the referee called for the bell.

This also looks like a major botch from the referee since James had a very surprised expression on her face when the referee called for the bell.

James didn’t have the chance to tap, instead, it was deemed that the star couldn’t continue and she then rolled out of the ring.

WWE Universe is equally confused as no one is sure about why the match ended the way it did.

Zelina Vega made her way to the ring and seemingly challenged Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship following the match, while Mickie was seen on the outside receiving attention from the referee.

As of writing, it’s unclear whether it’s an injury or a botch, but it would be a huge setback for Mickie at this stage in her career since James already worked this hard to be given a shot at the RAW Women’s Championship.