WWE Raw: Dolph Ziggler Makes The Switch Over to Raw, Handed WWE Championship Match at Extreme Rules

It has been rumored over the past few days that former World Champion Dolph Ziggler had been quietly moved over to Monday Night Raw as part of the same deal that brought AJ Styles to SmackDown.

This news was made official tonight on Raw when Ziggler interrupted WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to remind him that it was The Showoff who helped put him back on his feet when he was at his lowest.

After McIntyre suffered an injury in his NXT Championship match against Andrade, where he lost the Championship, McIntyre was forced onto the sidelines and off TV until Ziggler brought him to the main roster.

The Scottish Psychopath went on to win the Tag Team Championships alongside Ziggler as part of a feud that also includes bouts with Seth Rollins and the return of Dean Ambrose.

Ziggler reminded the new WWE Champion that he owed him and McIntyre being the fighting champion that he is, opted to give the WWE veteran what he wanted.

McIntyre handed him a Championship match at Extreme Rules but the match came with a warning. McIntyre stated that he once called him the Scottish Psychopath, and now with the WWE Championship and in order to defend it how far does Ziggler think he will go?

Despite this, Ziggler still accepted the match and it became the first official match for this year’s Extreme Rules event.