WWE Raw: Dominik Mysterio Confronts Seth Rollins, Aleister Black Loses an Eye

Seth Rollins won the eye for an eye match against Rey Mysterio back at Extreme Rules when Mysterio’s eye socket was left sticking out after The Monday Night Messiah pushed him into the corner of the steel steps.

Mysterio’s condition has reportedly improved, but his son Dominik made the decision to confront The Monday Night Messiah after everything that he had put his family through in recent weeks.

Rollins didn’t believe that Dominik would show up but after standing toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar, there perhaps isn’t much that scares Dominik Mysterio.

The former WWE Champion attempted to reason with Dominik and allow him to air his grievances in the ring in a relaxed environment, but the young star went straight for The Monday Night Messiah and took him off his feet.

This led to Murphy and Rollins beating down the youngster for a number of minutes before Aleister Black looked to make the save despite having an obvious arm injury.

After the numbers game got the better of Aleister Black, Rollins told Murphy that he had to prove himself and he had to get some revenge on Black, even though Murphy was unsure of whether he wanted to complete the task.

This then led to Black suffering the same fate as Mysterio when he was pushed into the steel steps eye first. Dominik was next on the hit list, but the star was able to fight out with a kendo stick before Murphy and Rollins could drag him over to the steps.

It’s unknown what this means for Aleister Black since WWE is yet to reveal the full extent of his injures. The fact that Dominik was able to get away from Murphy and Rollins means that this feud will continue and the rumored WWE debut for Dominik at SummerSlam next month could still be on the cards.