WWE Raw: Dominik Mysterio is Now Officially a WWE Superstar, SummerSlam Match to Be No-DQ

Dominik Mysterio challenged Seth Rollins to a very personal showdown at SummerSlam last week but even though The Monday Night Messiah accepted the challenge and the match was made official, Dominik wasn’t an official WWE superstar so the match shouldn’t have been made.

This week on Raw, the son of Rey Mysterio officially became a WWE superstar when he signed the contract in the middle of the ring, and Rollins heavily hinted that their collision could be a no-DQ situation before it was officially announced.

This was ahead of the match between Humberto Carrillo and the former WWE Champion which ended via curb stomp. Murphy and Rollins then got some revenge on WWE’s newest acquisition when they attacked the star with a kendo stick numerous times.

Dominik was then tied up in the ropes as the assault continued and the youngster was brutally attacked by both Murphy and Rollins as the show became hard to watch and there wasn’t a single ally for the star in the locker room.

Samoa Joe was at ringside but it was made clear that the former World Champion wasn’t cleared to compete and he would be fired if he involved himself because of this.

In recent weeks, Dominik’s favorite weapon became the kendo stick which he has used numerous times on Rollins and this week it became clear that Rollins is prepared for SummerSlam but the young star may not know what is awaiting him.

Following the match, WWE uploaded a number of images of Dominik and his war wounds on Instagram and it should be warned that even the images are hard to look at.

Rey Mysterio then took to Twitter where he made it clear that Seth Rollins would pay for attacking his son, even though his contract status is still up in the air.