WWE Raw: Dominik Mysterio Sends Warning to Seth Rollins, R-Truth Reclaims 24/7 Championship

The WWE Universe was prepared for Rey Mysterio’s retirement ceremony this week on Monday Night Raw, but it wasn’t as expected. Mysterio wasn’t in Orlando, Florida, and instead appeared via video link to address the rumors of retirement that The Monday Night Messiah had obviously planted.

Mysterio revealed that his eye injury is unpredictable because he could be cleared in a few weeks or it could be the injury that ends his career.

This meant that the former World Champion was unable to provide any kind of update on his condition and he refused to retire from the ring, but he was annoyed that Rollins was using him as some kind of focal point on his campaign as a Messiah.

While Mysterio was obviously focused on rehabbing his injury, his son Dominik appeared for the first time in months to send a message to Rollins.

Dominik watched in horror as Rollins attacked his father a few weeks ago and while his father tried to talk him out of extracting any kind of revenge on Rollins because of the assault, Dominik’s mind was set.

After his father walked away, Dominik sent a chilling warning to Rollins where he talked about the former World Champion’s love of scripture and promised that it would be “an eye for an eye.”

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, R-Truth was able to reclaim his 24/7 Championship when he disguised himself as Rob Gronkowski’s gardener and was able to role him up while he danced in his garden.

Truth has been hunting the title since Gronk was able to pick it up back at WrestleMania, but the fact that the star recently returned to the NFL has meant that his 24/7 title reign wasn’t able to be the spectacle that many believed it would be.