WWE Raw: Dominik Mysterio Will Make In-Ring Debut at SummerSlam, Samoa Joe Returns to Action

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was as stacked as ever and ended with Seth Rollins heading to the ring to call out Tom Phillips for the fact that he cheered on as Dominik Mysterio attacked The Monday Night Messiah with a kendo stick last week on Raw.

Rollins sent Murphy to attack Phillips and send a message, but Samoa Joe stood up and refused to allow Murphy or Rollins to pass him. Joe then warned Rollins and Murphy that he would step into the ring with them before Dominik ran down to the ring with a kendo stick and once again cleared house.

Joe wasn’t needed since he was able to take the fight to both Murphy and Rollins alone and sent both men packing back up the ramp.

The frustration led to Rollins announcing that he accepted Dominik’s challenge from earlier in the night where he stated that he wanted to face The Monday Night Messiah in a one-on-one match.

The issues between these two stars have been going on for months and after the personal attacks on Dominik’s family, it’s finally time for the star to make his WWE debut and exact some revenge on the man who almost cost his father his vision.