WWE Raw Draws Lowest Viewership in History for the Third Hour

The days aren’t so bright for WWE Raw as the company continues to see a decline in ratings.

This week’s Monday Night Raw featured several matchups and segments that stole the show. The Orton-McIntyre saga continues with the recent addition of The Miz in the picture, his Money in the Bank cash-in threatening to strip The Scottish Psychopath of his title.

This week’s show drew 1.656 million average viewers. Raw started with 1.767 million viewers, the second hour saw a slight decline and averaged 1.747 million views.

Hour three, however, saw a huge decline in Raw’s history. WWE drew only 1.455 million viewers which is an all-time low.

Comparing to last week, the average viewership was down by 4.4 percent. The 18-46 demographic also saw a drop as they scored a 0.48 rating against last week’s 0.51.

Even though WWE Raw saw a significant bump in terms of viewership, the quality of the matches and segments were better from the past few weeks.

Seems like people were more interested in watching NFL on ESPN instead of Sports Entertainment.