WWE Raw: Drew Gulak is the New 24/7 Champion

R-Truth’s games got out of hand this week on Raw when he made his way to the ring but wasn’t aware that he was facing Bobby Lashley.

The United States Champion was looking to send a message to Sami Zayn, who he will face at Survivor Series, and made sure that he destroyed R-Truth.

After the match was over, he locked him in the Full Nelson again until he was out cold and then looked as though he was going to stop Drew Gulak from taking his title.

Instead, Bobby Lashley locked in The Full Nelson on Gulak before putting him on top of Truth and helping him to win the 24/7 Championship. Gulak was out cold at the time and couldn’t even celebrate the victory.

The United States Champion then teased that he could then pin Gulak and win the title himself before exiting the ring with a smile on his face.