WWE Raw: Drew McIntyre Announces Extreme Rules Rematch Against Dolph Ziggler

Drew McIntyre was able to overcome the challenge of Dolph Ziggler as part of The Horror Show at Extreme Rules despite the fact that Ziggler chose a stipulation that heavily favored him as the challenger.

Ziggler’s plan failed even though he chose an Extreme Rules match that only covered him as well as the added additions that if McIntyre was counted out or disqualified then he would lose the title.

Ziggler threw everything he had at McIntyre but a timely Claymore was enough to seal the Championship for the Scottish star.

Tonight on Raw, Ziggler begged his former friend for a rematch after stating that he believed that he could beat him. McIntyre being the fighting champion that he is, accepted the challenge after asking for a worthy opponent at SummerSlam.

McIntyre stated that this time he will be holding all of the cards since he will be choosing the time, the place, and the location of the match as well as the stipulation.

The WWE Champion also decided that he would play Ziggler at his own game and would only announce the stipulation of the match just before the bell rings, which is exactly what The Showoff did at Extreme Rules.

Ziggler obviously accepted this since the former World Champion will do anything to get his hands on the Championship and make his way to the top of the mountain one more time.

It was later revealed that Drew McIntyre would pick the stipulation for his match against Ziggler next week on Raw.