WWE Raw: Drew McIntyre Returns, Claims He Will Be at Clash of Champions

The WWE Champion has been on the shelf over the past few weeks after receiving three punt kicks from Randy Orton backstage following SummerSlam.

The Viper was unable to defeat Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam when the two men faced off a few weeks ago, but he believed that his actions meant that he should have been handed an automatic rematch for the title at the pay-per-view at the end of the month.

This week on Raw, The Viper tried to claim that Drew McIntyre should hand over the WWE Championship since he won’t be able to defend it at Clash of Champions after what he was subjected to.

McIntyre reportedly suffered a fractured jaw as part of the attack and it’s thought that he won’t be cleared in time to be part of Clash of Champions.

This was when the WWE Champion made his surprise return to Raw and ambushed The Legend Killer.

Orton received a Claymore kick that busted him open before McIntyre exited the ring.

It was later confirmed in a backstage segment that McIntyre wasn’t cleared to make his return and was then sent home by Adam Pearce.

Before the WWE Champion left the building, he stated that with a fractured jaw or not, he would be at Clash of Champions.