WWE RAW: Firefly Fun House Character Killed, Bray Wyatt Leaves Clues For Next Week’s Segment

Is The Eater Of Worlds about to reprise his former character?

Image via WWE

Bray Wyatt was back with another episode of Firefly Fun House on the latest edition of Monday Night RAW.

The segment soon took an ugly turn when it was discovered that one of the characters had been killed- Mercy the Buzzard ate Rambling Rabbit due to the fact that the rodent had forced him to adhere to his bohemian worldview and ideologies. Mercy also used the famous “You know what I mean?” catchphrase that was used by Waylon Mercy back in the day.

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Bray would thereafter forgive Mercy for the heinous act, leading to “picnic time” but the kids didn’t appear to be quite happy after what was done to the rabbit.

The IWC is of the opinion that have been some major throwbacks to the Waylon Mercy character including the “Picnic” segment that first aired on television in 1995.

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Post-RAW, Wyatt took to Twitter to plant some major clues for the game he had asked fans to play.

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