WWE Raw: Ivar Injured in Six-Man Tag Match Leading to a Confusing Finish

The Viking Raiders have had issues with The Hurt Business for a number of weeks and following Cedric Alexander’s heel turn this week on Raw, Erik and Ivar joined forces with Ricochet and Apollo Crews to battle the four stars.

It was a match that was fueled by the issues between Ricochet and Cedric Alexander which led to an interesting finish.

It was obvious that The One and Only kicked out of the pin following what looked like a Falcon Arrow, but the bell rang and The Hurt Business were announced as winners.

Outside the ring, Ivar was being attended to by medical staff, after the former Raw Tag Team Champion dived out of the ring and took out The Hurt Business.

Ivar was seen holding up the X symbol the moment he landed, but at present, it is unknown what happened to one half of The Viking Raiders.

It’s possible that the injury needed to be treated and WWE called an audible to finish the match early.

The referee would have been given the call through his headset and then passed it on to Alexander and Ricochet.

The commentary team picked up on the error and Ricochet still kicked out, which means that it’s entirely feasible that this could also lead to a storyline including the referee moving forward.