WWE Raw: Jeff Hardy Takes Scary Looking Bump in “Symphony of Destruction” Match

Elias suffered a pectoral injury back in the summer which forced WWE to write him out of storylines, with Jeff Hardy being part of a hit and run outside of SmackDown that injured The Drifter.

It was later hinted that Sheamus could have been the man behind the wheel since he was looking to set Hardy up and make him believe he had relapsed.

Since Elias’ return from injury, the former 24/7 Champion has targeted Hardy and the two men have had quite the back and forth. That came to an end this week in a Symphony of Destruction match where Hardy was able to come out victorious.

The final moments of the match saw Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb through a table but, on the way down, the former World Champion took quite the bump on his neck from the steel steps.

It appeared as though Hardy misjudged the distance and definitely felt the bump as soon as he hit the ground.

Luckily, Hardy was able to recover to finish the match and leave the arena on his own two feet, but it will be interesting to see if there is an injury update on The Charismatic Enigma in the next few days.