WWE RAW: Lana and Rusev Officially Divorced, Becky Lynch Returns

Lana and Rusev‘s divorce kicked off this week’s episode of Raw as Jerry Lawler hosted what was an interesting segment between the real-life couple and Bobby Lashley. Rusev played the role well as Lana threw Rusev Day and its popularity at him and blamed it for the breakdown of their relationship.

Lana seemed reluctant to sign the papers but did in the end before Rusev stated that he would sign but there was a catch, he wanted Bobby Lashley in a match any place, any time. Lashley then made his way to the ring and announced that once the divorce was finalized between Rusev and Lana he would go on to marry the former Total Divas star.

Rusev then signed the papers and fought off an attack by The Almighty, since he was the one standing tall when he put Lashley through a table.

While Lana was busy getting divorced, the Women’s Division continued to heat up, given the issues between both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch as well as the problems with both women and The Kabuki Warriors.

Last week Charlotte Flair took on The Kabuki Warriors in a handicap match when Becky Lynch wasn’t part of the show, and this week The Man decided that she would prefer to step into a handicap match against The Women’s Tag Team Champions than team up with The Queen.

The Man will take on The Women’s Tag Team Champions later in the night, but given the fact that TLC is now just days away, this could be a way to set up a match between Charlotte, Becky Lynch and The Kabuki Warriors for Sunday night.

At Starrcade a few weeks back, Becky Lynch and Charlotte came up short, so it will be interesting to see if Lynch can pick up the win tonight in order to gain another shot at becoming Becky 2 Belts.