WWE Raw: Last Man Standing Match Made Official For WrestleMania 36, Baron Corbin vs Elias Announced

Image via Twitter

Last week on Raw, Edge made the trip to the WWE Performance Center to deliver a heartfelt promo about Randy Orton before going on to challenge him to a Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania next weekend.

Orton has been a thorn in the Rated R Superstar’s side ever since he returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble back in January and has since attacked Edge, Matt Hardy, and Beth Phoenix while claiming that he was trying to help his former tag team partner.

The Viper delivered his own chilling promo where he continued his recent fall back into his “legend killer” persona and continued to claim that everything he has done was because he loves Edge and his family and wanted to protect him from the business.

While most big match challenges are accepted on Social Media less than a day later, WWE decided to allow The Viper to accept the challenge in person and this week the former World Champion cut a promo of his own before going on to accept the challenge that Edge laid down in the same ring a week ago.

This could be one of the biggest matches of the night and has definitely been the match that WWE has put the most effort into over the past few weeks.

Edge vs Randy Orton wasn’t the only match made official for next weekend’s WrestleMania since it was also announced that on the SmackDown side of the show, Elias would be taking on Baron Corbin.

In recent weeks, Corbin has been able to move forward following his feud with Roman Reigns and since The Big Dog will be busy in a match for the Universal Championship against Goldberg, WWE has made the decision to add Elias vs Corbin to the show after their back and forth on Friday Night smackdown.