WWE RAW: Liv Morgan Returns and Crashes Lana’s Wedding, Opens New Storyline


This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW was headlined by the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley after weeks of buildup from a storyline with Rusev that included multiple accusations of adultery and finally a divorce. After weeks of issues, it was obvious that the wedding between Lana and Lashley wasn’t going to fully go to plan, so many of the swerves didn’t come as a huge shock.

In WWE, weddings never go smoothly, but none of the WWE Universe expected it to be on the level that it actually was. Lana and Lashley’s union saw out the decade for WWE and it included some interesting moments. After Lana and Lashley’s first partners interrupted the service, Liv Morgan made her return to TV and revealed that she and Lana were once in a lesbian relationship and that Lana broke her heart by choosing The All Mighty.

Morgan also revealed that “their love” was the only thing that had gotten her through the past year, before attacking The Ravishing Russian and brawling around the ring. Just when the WWE Universe finally thought that the wedding had come to an end and the duo could finally exchange their vows, Rusev decided to jump out of the wedding cake and attack Lashley, which allowed Morgan to return to the ring and finish her attack on Lana which then saw the show end with a brawl.

It was an interesting way for Morgan to make her return to WWE TV, but given that The Ravishing Russian had recently ended her marriage to Rusev it was a hard one to believe. If nothing else, this week’s ending ensured that the WWE Universe will definitely be tuning into RAW next week if only to see how Lana is able to justify this interesting swerve.