WWE RAW: Liv Morgan Teases New Character, Bobby Lashley Proposes To Lana

Image via Twitter

Liv Morgan hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since the summer when she was defeated by Charlotte Flair in a match on SmackDown Live. Following the loss, Morgan claimed that she would return when she was “less fake.”

Over the past few weeks, rumors have circulated that Morgan was set to be added to the Firefly Fun House, even though Bray Wyatt is over on SmackDown and Morgan is on Raw. Interestingly, WWE played a tease last week that revealed that Morgan would be returning to the company soon and this week she teased her new character in a revealing vignette.

Morgan claimed that she had always been someone who other people wanted to be and that she had to destroy herself to find her real self while the video that played was showing Morgan entering a bathtub. The tease ended with “To Be Continued” which means that Morgan’s new character could be revealed as soon as next week on Raw. It appears that Morgan won’t be heading over to SmackDown like many fans predicted, instead remaining on Raw as her new character.

This week on Raw, Bobby Lashley and Lana were still on a high from Lashley’s win in the tables match against Rusev at TLC, and The Ravishing Russian decided that the best way to celebrate such a huge win for herself and Lashley was for The Almighty to ask her to marry him.

Lana had her own ring prepared and handed it to Lashley and told him to ask her, something that he obviously did and Lana accepted immediately. She then stated that they would have the biggest and best wedding in the universe and that it would happen on Lana Day, which hints that Lashley and Lana are still not done with her ex-husband Rusev.