WWE Raw: Matt Hardy Suffers The Same Fate As Edge, MVP Returns With The VIP Lounge

Image via Twitter

Randy Orton returned to Raw this week to seemingly explain his heinous actions from the night after the Royal Rumble when he turned on WWE Hall of Famer Edge and delivered a shocking Conchairto. Last week, The Viper refused to share his reasoning with the WWE Universe, but it seemed as though Orton was about to share his reasons this week before he was interrupted by Matt Hardy.

Hardy is a long time friend and enemy of Edge and like the entire WWE Universe, he wanted to know why Orton’s acted the way he did after Edge waited nine years to make that shocking return. Orton didn’t want to give Hardy an answer and after being able to fight off the first RKO attempt, Orton connected with the second before then delivering a Conchairto to Matt Hardy as well.

With Hardy’s contract with WWE set to expire soon, it’s shocking to think that this could be the last action that Hardy sees in a WWE ring.

MVP returned to WWE as a surprise entrant in the 2020 Royal Rumble match last month and after his match against Rey Mysterio the following night on Raw, Montel Vontavious Porter declared on Instagram that his in-ring career with WWE was over.

Many fans believed that this would be the last we saw of MVP, but this week on Raw, the former United States Champion returned with The VIP Lounge and spoke to Rumble winner Drew McIntyre. It quickly became clear that MVP’s main motive was to get McIntyre to hire him as a business manager or an advocate much like how Brock Lesnar has Paul Heyman, but The Scottish Psychopath refused and stated that he didn’t need an external brain thinking for him.

Things went from bad to worse for MVP when he got hostile and McIntyre decided to end their discussion with a Claymore.