WWE Raw: Matt Hardy Written Off WWE TV, Erick Rowan Suffers Shock Defeat


Many fans believed that with his contract with WWE set to expire at the beginning of next month, Matt Hardy was written off WWE TV last week when he received a Conchairto from Randy Orton. Hardy was then advertised for a match this week on RAW where he would be given the opportunity to exact some revenge in a No Holds Barred Match against Orton.

The match was due to kick off the show, but The Viper made it clear that Hardy had not been medically cleared and that the match wouldn’t go ahead. Hardy then made his way out in a neck brace to state that despite his medical state he refuses to back down before stepping in the ring and into the line of fire.

Hardy was then beaten much worse than the week before which included being dragged to the steel steps and given two Conchairtos on the steps rather than on a chair. Interestingly, there was no one out there to make the save and Hardy was left beaten on the steps as medics looked to attend to the former Tag Team Champion.

This could be the last time that the WWE Universe see Hardy in a WWE ring since the former Champion’s contract is rumored to expire on March 1st, which means that he would have to be cleared to return within the next two weeks, which is highly unlikely, but never say never in WWE.

Elsewhere, Erick Rowan‘s undefeated streak since his move over to RAW in the WWE Draft came to an end at the hands of Aleister Black, who interestingly didn’t care to look into Rowan’s cage after he managed to pin the former Wyatt Family member, which would have been the perfect time to reveal what was inside that cage.