WWE RAW: More Names Announced For 2020 Royal Rumble Match, Sarah Logan Debuts New Theme

Image via Twitter

Earlier today Sarah Logan declared that she would be part of the Women’s Royal Rumble match on Twitter, but was also looking for some retribution tonight on RAW since she seemed to come off much worse in a brawl with Charlotte Flair last week.

Sarah Logan was out in the ring ahead of their brawl seven days ago, but this week the former Riott Squad member was given her own entrance and she debuted a new Viking style theme with new attire. It appears that the wife of Viking Raider’s star Erik is looking to continue the theme that her husband and Ivor have set on RAW by also becoming a Viking.

While Logan has used this theme a number of times on Main Event since September, this is the first time the former NXT star has been able to use it on RAW.

Sadly, the new look didn’t have the effect that Logan hoped since she was forced to tap by Charlotte Flair and was then unceremoniously dumped out of the ring as Flair sent her a strong message ahead of the Rumble match.

Brock Lesnar appeared for the second week in a row on RAW but as Paul Heyman announced that Lesnar would be winning the match from the number one position. R-Truth then interrupted and sensationally announced that he would be part of the match alongside the likes of AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre, and Randy Orton, who all announced their places earlier in the night.

When Truth heard that Paul Heyman wouldn’t be in the match he took himself back out, this later lead to Brock attacking R-Truth after he talked about how much Paul Heyman speaks each week.

It’s currently unknown as to whether or not R-Truth is in the Rumble match, but Lesnar missed the chance to become 24/7 Champion when he picked up the title and dropped it on R-Truth. It would have been interesting to see if there was anyone who could take that title away from The Beast Incarnate.