WWE Raw: Murphy Turns on Seth Rollins

After weeks of tension between Murphy and The Monday Night Messiah, finally, things reached boiling point this week on Raw.

Murphy’s relationship with Aalyah has become a hot topic of discussion in recent weeks and this week the issues between the two men centered around both wanting an apology.

Murphy was able to pick up the win for his team in their tag team match against Dominik and Humberto Carrillo but this did nothing to help the tension.

After Rollins put a timer on when he wanted an apology from his Disciple, he called him out to the ring and Murphy refused to apologize and instead attacked The Monday Night Messiah.

A brawl then ensued with Murphy forcing Rollins to apologize to Aalyah before Rollins turned the brawl around and got the better of Murphy, forcing Aalyah to make the save.

After Rollins left, the Mysterio family came down to the ring to take Aalyah back and explain that Murphy wasn’t a good guy.