WWE Raw: Mustafa Ali Confirms He Was the SmackDown Hacker

A few weeks ago on Raw, Mustafa Ali joined RETRIBUTION and many fans believed that this was the end of the SmackDown hacker.

Interestingly, this week, WWE was able to tie together the two storylines and give Ali a backstory to announce that he was the hacker.

The hacker was the man responsible for the issues between Mandy Rose and Dolph Ziggler earlier in the years among a number of other things, but it appears that the storyline was a build-up to RETRIBUTION.

“That mysterious hacker over on SmackDown… that was me. And I did it because I want the entire world to know that THIS sick place is infecting everyone with GREED and CORRUPTION!”

Ali made it clear that while he was waiting for WWE’s creative team to find him a role on TV, he was able to find out a number of secrets of current WWE stars using his hacking skills.

Ali knows secrets and truths about every current star and he used his role as the Hacker to bring together RETRIBUTION.

It was an interesting swerve to bring the two stories together and it appears that his hacking skills will continue to play a part in his new role.