WWE Raw: Mustafa Ali Revealed as the Leader of RETRIBUTION

This week on Raw, Mustafa Ali headed down to the ring alone to take on MVP, knowing that The Hurt Business would take advantage of the numbers game.

It appears that the former Cruiserweight Champion had a plan and was able to pull it off to perfection. When MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin were about to beat him down, RETRIBUTION made the save.

Initially, it appeared as though Ali was going to help The Hurt Business to fight but he quickly changed sides and made it clear that he was the one controlling RETRIBUTION.

Ali watched from the ramp as the group destroyed The Hurt Business before then bringing the group back into the ring and signaling the fact that he was the one in control.

The main three men in RETRIBUTION were back tonight but Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez were still missing from the group as they rehashed their feud with The Hurt Business.