WWE Raw: New 24/7 Champion Crowned, an Unlikely Alliance is Formed

R-Truth has become synonymous with the 24/7 Championship over the past year, but after he was able to help Drew McIntyre to retain his Championship last week on Raw, he incurred the wrath of Bobby Lashley.

Akira Tozawa was set to face off against the 24/7 Champion this week on Raw, but when Lashley made his way to the ring to attack Truth and take out all of Tozawa’s ninja’s, Tozawa hid under the ring.

After R-Truth had been attacked by Lashley and his Full Nelson, Tozawa completed his shock push on Raw when he crawled over and pinned Truth to become 24/7 Champion.

This is the second time Tozawa has lifted the title after winning it back in December, the first time around he was only able to hold the title for a day, hopefully with the protection of his ninja’s this reign will be much longer.

Tozawa isn’t the only star who is climbing back into focus on Raw since Natalya re-emerged and faced off against Liv Morgan this week. The Queen of Harts hasn’t had the best of runs in WWE, but it appears that she’s found a formula that might work in her favor in the WWE Women’s Division.

Since The Almighty opted to ask for a divorce from his wife Lana last week on Raw, the former Total Divas star has now joined forces with Natalya, and this week she was able to distract Morgan long enough for Nattie to get an advantage and lock in the sharpshooter for the victory.

It was the perfect formula given Morgan’s history with the former NXT star since she tried to ruin her wedding earlier this year. Lana could be the manager that Natalya has been missing and she could help her to become Raw Women’s Champion for the first time.