WWE RAW: New RAW Tag Team Champions Crowned, Seth Rollins Declares Himself For The Royal Rumble

Image via Twitter

Seth Rollins kicked off RAW by welcoming Buddy Murphy to his group after the former Cruiserweight Champion helped him to defeat the team of Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and The Big Show on last weeks’ show. Joe and Owens interrupted before they were joined by The Viking Raiders and a brawl ensued.

Backstage, Rollins then challenged the RAW Tag Team Champions to a match later in the night where he would team up with Buddy Murphy despite the fact that AOP are on his payroll. Interestingly, Murphy and Rollins worked together as a team and defied the odds when they were able to become the first stars to defeat The Viking Raiders for a title when Murphy pinned Erik.

The end of the match saw Rollins knock Ivar off the top rope before he then delivered a Stomp to Erik through the ropes before Murphy was on hand to pin the Champions to pick up the win. Murphy and Rollins could be forced to defend the Championships at The Rumble this weekend and pull double duty since Rollins declared that he would be part of the Royal Rumble match following his victory and claimed that he could come out on top and outlast 29 other superstars much like last year.

If Rollins is able to win the Royal Rumble match then he would become just the fourth man to win back to back Rumbles after Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This win proves how far WWE is willing to push Rollins in his new Messiah gimmick which has been likened to The Straight Edge Society gimmick that was once created by CM Punk, who incidentally is the man who many fans believe will be facing Rollins at WrestleMania after the two men started a feud on Social Media a few months ago.