WWE Raw: New United States Champion Crowned

Rey Mysterio
Image via LordsofPain.net

Rey Mysterio came up short last night when he battled Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. The lack of rules in their No Holds Barred Match meant that his son Dominik was able to interfere and help his father to get the upperhand, but it wasn’t enough to overcome The Beast Incarnate, so Mysterio walked into tonight’s Raw empty-handed.

As part of tonight’s episode of Raw, Mysterio was one of four men who stepped up to challenge AJ Styles for the United States Championship, which is why all four men opted to battle it out in a fatal four-way match to decide a winner to then go on to face Styles just minutes later.

Interestingly, it was Rey Mysterio who came out on top in the match between Ricochet, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and himself, before he moved on to face the Champion.

Mysterio and Styles put on a fantastic match, but when it looked like Mysterio was going to pick up the win, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attacked, on Styles’ behalf, but the referee had been knocked down and missed all the action.

With the match still underway, Mysterio looked out for the count until Randy Orton shockingly came out and evened the numbers before delivering an RKO to Styles. Mysterio then went on to deliver a Frog Splash to the Champion to go on to win the United States Championship for the second time since he made his return to WWE more than a year ago.

It’s interesting to note, that it was Orton who came out to help Mysterio rather than his son this time around, but Dominik was in Chicago since he came out to celebrate with his father after it was made official that he was the new United States Champion.