WWE Raw: Nia Jax Suspended Indefinitely Without Pay

Nia Jax was fined by WWE last week after the company deemed her actions against WWE producer Pat Buck were unsanctioned and unacceptable.

Jax and Shayna Baszler were in the middle of a brawl when Buck made his way to the ring and attempted to be the peacekeeper between the two heavyweights.

Buck was then attacked by Jax and the company then announced that the former RAW Women’s Champion was fined an undisclosed amount. This week on Raw, Jax made her way to the ring with Buck in tow in order for her to apologize publicly for her actions, but the segment took a strange twist.

Jax instead revealed that she had a right to defend herself against Buck before requesting a match against the member of WWE management.

The former Champion attempted to goad the star into the match by bringing up the fact that he was ginger, but this didn’t work in her favor since Buck went on to prove that he has much more authority than Jax when he not only declined the match but went on to suspend The Irresistible Force.

Buck revealed that Jax would be suspended without pay and the star’s reaction was to once again attack Buck and then walk away from the ring in disbelief.