WWE Raw: Officials Botch During Tag Team Championship Match in the Opening Segment

The Tag Team Championship match between The New Day and The Hurt Business was the first in-ring action on this week’s episode of Raw, just a week after The New Day was already able to defeat Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.

The match was a scrappy affair and ended seemingly prematurely when Kofi Kingston was unable to make it back into the ring and answer the ten count after being pulled from the top rope.

The announcer initially stated that the result was a double count-out before the referee corrected him and said that The Hurt Business won via count-out.

As The New Day were making their way up the ramp, MVP told the referee to restart the match, and Kingston and Woods then made their way back into the ring where The Hurt Business focused their attack on Kingston’s injured knee.

Kingston took the brunt of the abuse before Woods was able to tag in and turn the match into his favor.

In the end, it was The New Day who picked up the victory with a sunset flip pin which made it appear as though the restart shouldn’t have happened, since the outcome was exactly the same.