WWE RAW: Paul Heyman Announces History-Making Match For Brock Lesnar At Royal Rumble

Image via Twitter

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman made their first appearance of 2020 this week on RAW and it was believed that Lesnar’s challenger for Royal Rumble would be announced on the show. The Executive Director Of RAW did announce Lesnar’s Rumble match, but it came as quite the shock when he revealed that Lesnar would be entering himself into the Royal Rumble match.

Lesnar will not only be part of the match, but he will be entering at number one and hoping to come out on top after 29 other men have made their way to the ring. This obviously confuses things since Lesnar would then have to face a Champion at WrestleMania, so it would have to be WWE Champion vs Universal Champion.

It could also be a way for Dominik to make his official WWE debut, and a way to get some revenge would be for him to eliminate Lesnar from the match before then heading into a feud with the man who attacked him a few weeks ago.

Lesnar has a lack of challengers at present and many believed that Drew McIntyre would be turning face and taking on Lesnar at the Rumble, but it appears that this isn’t the case. Of course, even though Heyman stated that Lesnar was making history, Roman Reigns entered the match at number one as the Champion a few years ago and actually defended his title in the match, but Triple H was the man who came out on top and won his 14th World title.

Lesnar currently is not expected to defend the WWE Championship inside the Rumble match, which means that it’s highly unlikely that he will be coming out on top and recording his second Rumble win, bit the environment means that it would be much easier for him to be booked against his WrestleMania opponent.