WWE RAW: Randy Orton Attacks Edge, 24/7 Championship Changes Hands Twice

Edge was on hand for tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW so that he could explain to the WWE Universe how he was able to make his return to the company after almost a decade and being handed a career-ending diagnosis.

The Rated R Superstar revealed that it was all about What If’s and that the biggest reason was that he had grit and refused to accept a world of What If’s so he was back to end his career on his own terms. This was when Randy Orton made his way to the ring, told Edge that he was open to a Rated R RKO reunion and then struck out of nowhere.

Orton even went out and picked up a chair from outside the ring and attacked Edge before putting a steel chair on his head and ascending the ropes, before seemingly changing his mind. Instead, The Viper took two chairs from ringside and delivered a Conchairto to the WWE Hall of Famer in what was a shocking display to end this week’s episode.

Mojo Rawley stated a few weeks ago when he won the 24/7 Championship that he wouldn’t be running and hiding like previous Champions. He followed through on that promise this week on RAW when he made his way out to the ring and issued a challenge that was answered by No Way Jose.

Riddick Moss made his debut on RAW as Rawley’s new right-hand man and he played dividends when he helped Rawley to retain the Championship in a matter of seconds. R-Truth then invaded the ring in disguise and was able to win back the 24/7 Championship for the 34th time, but when Moss got in his way, Rawley took advantage of the distraction and won the title back.

It appears that Rawley and Moss could have found the perfect formula when it comes to retaining the 24/7 Championship despite competition lurking around every corner.