WWE Raw: Randy Orton Costs Alexa Bliss the Raw Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss managed to use her mind games last week on Raw to defeat Raw Women’s Champion Asuka in a non-title match.

The former Women’s Champion was then granted a match for the Raw Women’s Championship this week on Raw, just weeks after her fireball attack on Randy Orton left The Viper with facial injuries.

Orton’s promo from last week was replayed on Raw, but The Viper didn’t appear on the show until midway through Bliss’s match against Asuka.

Bliss transformed twice in the match and at one point turned back into her old persona and looked afraid, before turning to her dark persona to win the match.

Bliss was about to pick up the victory after fighting out of the Asuka Lock and using The Mandible Claw to get the better of The Empress.

Randy Orton then appeared in the ring behind Bliss and delivered a shocking RKO to the former Women’s Champion to cost her the Raw Women’s Championship.

Raw then went off the air and it’s assumed that the match will be seen as a no-contest since Asuka was taken out before The Viper invaded the ring.

It’s safe to say that the feud between these two stars is far from over.