WWE Raw: Randy Orton Punt Kicks Christian, Wins Unsanctioned Match

Christian made his return on WWE Raw earlier tonight after Randy Orton kicked off the show by gloating about injuring Edge.

Last night at Backlash, The Viper was able to defeat The Rated R Superstar in “The Greatest Wrestling Match” but Edge tore his tricep while competing in the match, which has now sidelined him for an undisclosed amount of time.

Christian stepped in and wasn’t happy about the fact that Orton thought that he had ended Edge’s career once again before The Viper offered him One Last Match.

Christian has been out of the ring for a number of years much like Edge because the former World Champion has a history of concussions and is unable to be cleared to compete. Given this, The Viper offered Christian an Unsanctioned Match, which meant that he wouldn’t have to be cleared to compete.

The former World Champion struggled with the decision before The Big Show found him backstage and offered him some advice. Christian then announced that he would accept the challenge because he refused to be disrespected.

Sadly, the match itself wasn’t much of a match since Christian was distracted by WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, who delivered a low blow which allowed Orton to deliver a punt kick to his challenger.

The punt kick was the move that he defeated Edge with at Backlash and it appears that WWE has allowed Orton to bring back the move as he seemingly makes a return to his Legend Killer phase.