WWE Raw: Randy Orton Reunites Alexa Bliss With The Fiend?

The Fiend hasn’t been seen on Raw since he was set alight by Randy Orton in the main event of TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs last weekend.

Instead, Alexa Bliss has been forced to continue his storyline without him, and this week on Raw, it all became too much for her when The Viper began destroying The Firefly Funhouse.

Bliss challenged Orton for later in the night, and while many believed that this would be an intergender match, this wasn’t the case.

Instead, Bliss revealed that her challenge for The Viper was to set her alight much like he did with The Fiend and the former Women’s Champion even doused herself with petrol for him.

While Orton initially refused, he seemingly changed his mind in the middle of his rant, since the lights went down and it appeared as though The Fiend had arrived.

The lights instead went down so that Orton could light the match and Raw then went off the air as the commentary team begged Orton not to set Alexa Bliss on fire.

As of writing, it is unknown whether or not The Viper decided to grant Alexa Bliss her wish so that she could join The Fiend who she claimed was now “at home.”